Use Your Bike: Add-Ons

A paul&ernst bike offers mobile solutions for innovative people. In their most basic form, our bikes serve hot food, cold drinks and exciting ice cream flavors. In order to truly make the bike yours, however, we strongly recommend customizing it to your needs.

Pic by: Joscha Queisser,

While this certainly also includes adding splashy colors and eyecatching logos with your very own branding, today we would like to point your attention to another exciting category for our bikes – add-ons.

Make It Your Own

What exactly do we mean with add-ons?

All paul&ernst bikes use a common set of foundational pieces including the same frame, tires as well as bike bodies. Typically, fridges and sinks as well as spit protectors have the same measurements, too.

When it comes to fine-tuning your bike with add-ons the possibilities are numerous and our Sales Team willl be happy to help you find the configuration most suitable for your business.

Here are just a few examples and everyday uses for the add-ons offered. Add a:

  • Speedrack for easy access to your favorite syrups and liquors.
  • Cash register to allow for easy payments.
  • Connectivity set to add a printer or tablet to your operations.
  • Scoop shower to keep your ice cream scoop clean.
  • Bachmann socket to add more electrical outlets.
  • Set of 1/9 GN trays to have all your toppings readily at hand.
  • Wicker basket for additional storage or decorational purposes.
  • Parasol to catch your customers’ attention.
  • Cone holder to store your cones safely.
  • Cup dispensers for drinks, food and ice cream.

Naturally, you can choose more than one add-on! Let us show you some bikes that were outfitted with a diverse selection of add-ons to maximize efficiency for their operators:

Speed Rack and Bachmann Socket
Cup Dispenser and Cash Register
GN Trays on Spit Protection
Wicker Basket

Get In Touch Today!

Are you ready to make a paul&ernst bike truly yours? Call us to perfect your bike today!

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