Spotlight On: Beverage Bike

Every once in a while, a product comes along that seems almost too good to be true. Sometimes that’s what its makers intended to do. Sometimes it’s a serious of happy concidences and innovative customers pushing boundaries.

This is exactly what happened with the paul&ernst Beverage Bike.

Our Secret Weapon

When CEOs and resident bike designers Paul and Ernst were finetuning their idea for a mobile bar they mainly focused on one thing – serving really cool drinks.

What they didn’t realize was that their newest creation would go on to become *so* much more.

Beverage Bike Goes Rogue

Take the example of Lisa, one of our youngest and most entrepreneurial clients. A trained pastry chef, she was looking for innovative ways to reach her customers and present her baked goods and sweet treats in a unique manner.

A mobile solution offered by paul&ernst was the natural choice for her. And that is where the beverage bike comes in.

HOLD ON a second!

A beverage bike?

For a pastry chef?

YES, you read that right!

Image by Alexandr Ivanov from Pixabay

Innovation For Success

Turns out, our beverage bike can turn into whatever kind of presentational device you need. In Lisa’s case, a mobile cake and cookie stand. The bike’s fridge is perfect for keeping her delicate chocolates and cookies at a perfect temperature throughout the day while still being easily reached.

The most ingenious detail, however, is the beverage bike’s bottle cooler which the paul&ernst Engineering Team transformed into her very own cake plate. Cooled from below, a made-to-order granite plate now serves as a perfect backdrop for her delicious cakes and pralines.

Cooled cake plate

So Many Ways to Tango

As mentioned above, the beverage bike can be whatever you want it to be. Other clients of ours have successfully employed their beverage bikes in the hospitality industry – in restaurants, hotels or even on cruiseships.

In such cases, the beverage bike is used continously throughout the day changing from breakfast bar to tapas buffet to prosecco bar in the evening. Ingenious isn’t it?

Here are some more mouthwatering ideas for you:

Sushi Bike

Photo by Juan Emilio López Gallardo from Pixabay

Cheese Bike

Photo by Дарья Яковлева from Pixabay

Snack Bike

Photo by hua lam from Pixabay

Cold Cuts Bike

Photo by lvneon from Pixabay

Get in touch today!

There are so many more uses for the paul&ernst beverage bike. Do you dare to tango with us?

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