Winter on our minds

Summer has finally arrived and we are confident we speak for the entirety of our followers when saying we hope it sticks around for a while.

At the same time, however, baking hot temperatures and enticingly refreshing pools will not keep us from staying sharp, forward-thinking and already way past summer in our current planning.

We at paul&ernst are, in fact, so forward-thinking that basically, we could as well be living in the Southern Hemisphere – meaning that for us winter is coming.

A cheeky GoT reference never gets old, amirite?

At our paul&ernst HQ ice cream bikes are in season while the snow is falling all around us and conversely, bikes also suited for more temperate climates start making an appeareance in our minds (and marketing endeavors) around June or July each year.

Perfection Requires Patience

Why is that so?

Just as with many other high-end products, paul&ernst bikes are made to order. And since we do not believe in rush jobs, we typically need some time to perfekt your customized bike.

Photo by Rodolfo Barreto on Unsplash

That means, if you were planning to purchase one of the paul&ernst products for the fall and winter season, now would be a great time to get in touch with our sales department.

Let us summarize for you why specifically our cooking bikes and beverage bikes are definitely deserving of your attention for the upcoming season.

Year-Round Winners

To start, check out our hidden champion, the paul&ernst Beverage Bike.

In a separate blog post, we detailled all its virtues and why this bike is the hidden treasure in the paul&ernst family when it comes to sheer versatility – both in the summer or (indoors) during colder periods. And here, you get to see for yourself too:

Our client Ali Juus selling freshly-pressed juice in Vienna, Austria.
Photo: Tom Athanas
Cocktail Bike operated by Sandhafen in Kiel, Germany

Not exactly what you were looking for? How about one of our different Cooking Bike models?

  • Cooking Bike Basic
  • Cooking Bike Pro I
  • Cooking Bike Pro II

The Cooking Bike Basic has a 240 liter refrigerator, allowing you to work with pre-made snacks, sandwiches or even beverages wile the Pro I and Pro II give you the option to add one or more cooking appliances to elevate your cooking game on the bike.

Wat is more, we are able to supply both electric and gas-powered appliances!

A fleet of paul&ernst bikes used by a client in Mexico

Trust us when we say that these bikes are for seasoned chefs and fledgling cooks alike and can be used well into the fall and winter season.

Here are some impressions of clients using their bikes in a variety of settings and climates!

A paul&ernst Sausage Bike serving clients in and around Berlin, Germany.
Hot Dog Bike in action!
paul&ernst bike aboard a TUI Cruiseship
Talk To Us Today!

Interested in learning more about these models?

Give us a call today at +43 1 3616610 0 and speak to one of our experienced sales agents.

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