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paul&ernst bikes have always been a force to be reckoned with. As innovative start-up it has been both our declared goal and inherent necessity that we stay ahead of the curve. That is why – true to form – we launched several new products including our range of smart trailers and a self-sufficient beer bike in early 2021.

At the same time, our tried-and-tested bikes remain at the forefront of innovation, sometimes with a bit of outside assistance, which, today, is the very reason for this blog post.

Talking the Talk and Walking the Walk

You know that satisfying feeling when you take something that is already great and make it even better? Like baking a cake and then adding your homemade sprinkles or a big scoop of delicious ice cream on top. Or buying a pair of sneakers and jazzing them up with your own glittery motives.

A Vienna-based company called smart.MOM has been doing exactly that – with a paul&ernst Promo Bike. And the results are impressive (and quantifiable!).

paul&ernst Promo Bikes aim to draw attention, inform and guide interested parties and offer a point-of-sale experience not easily forgotten. With a gigantic storage space of 270 liters, an extended working surface of 270 cm and the possibility to add an eye-catching umbrella, our Promo Bikes are ideally suited for any kind of marketing or promotional endeavor.

Tourism Bike in Pforzheim, Germany

What is more, the bikes are, for the most part, location-independent. This means that you may reach potential customers at public swimming pools, shopping promenades or even open-air festivals. With their unique design, they practially guarantee a memorable point of experience drawing a crowd.

Innovative Marketing Tools Meet E-Bike

While in the past promo bikes had already been converted into mobile tourist offices and advertising stands, up until now they were sort of missing that extra oomph.

Or as smart.MOM founder Stefan Kern would put it, the connection between interested customers and reliable data to allow for even better targeted sales approaches was somewhat lacking.

Let Us Explain

Upon seeeing the paul&ernst bikes for the first time in action, Stefan realized two things:

(1) A paul&ernst bike would provide a one-of-a-kind point of experience resulting in higher sales both online and offline, and (2) in combination with smart.MOM‘s unique software/hardware package could help make marketing campaigns more personable, more interactive and more quantifiable.

As you can see above, the smart.MOM team integrated an interactive terminal with touchscreen and a NFC and QR code reader into the bike’s lid, allowing for a series of user-friendly games, marketing tools or product landscapes.

Quantifiable Benefits

Many times, customers are drawn in with the promise for a free product sample. In order to claim the free sample, participation via their own smartphone is required. By simply scanning a provided QR code they are then able to claim their sample.

At the same time, clients have the opportunity to access an online store, check for more product details online or share the experience with their friends.

Using such micro games or surveys results in robust user data which can then be used to measure overall reach, individual visitor profiles as well as consumer behavior and preferences.

Gamification Is Key

What makes the smart.MOM tools so attractive is their appeal to clients.

Most of the time, interested user don’t even need a specific app to participate, enjoying a seamless user journey in a more playful and organic way. Particularly in current pandemic times, it is worth mentioning that this also means clients will not have to share pens or paper to fill in any data and can stay at a safe distance to any other participants.

The end goal is to learn about your customers and design communication tools that fit their needs and profiles – all the while adhering to high standards required by data protection laws.

Use It Now

Want to try out smart.MOM‘s ingenious marketing tools for yourself? Hit them up today for a free trial:

Interested in learning more about the paul&ernst bikes? Get in touch with our experienced sales team today! or +43 1 3616610 0

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