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Our doubts are traitors, and make us lose the good we oft might win, by fearing to attempt.

William Shakespeare, Measure for measure
On Doubting

Hi there, stranger. So glad you could make it!

Doubts are a funny thing. They can crush your confidence within a few seconds of appearing. They may even cause us to refrain from trying something great altogether as our old pal Willy S. so fittingly said above.

Do you have a great idea in mind but are doubtful whether the paul&ernst products are really meant for you?

Photo by Bogomil Mihaylov on Unsplash

Seriously, STOP!

Before you are allowed to continue reading, head on over to our Instagram page. This is a command!

Welcome back to the blog!

We hope you saw the special pride we take in the fact that the paul&ernst family hails from all walks of life and are feeling a bit more hopeful.

Let us show you some more example of just how different yet ingenious our people are.

An Eclectic Mix

We have the classic entrepreneur, a one-person start-up with a great idea and but few resources for their first venture out into the world.

Madame Pancakes in Bordeaux, France
Hubs ‘n’ Spokes BBQ Bike in Regensburg, Germany

We have the established restaurateur wanting to diversity their business by adding a mobile bike.

TV Chef and Cooking School Owner Andi Schweiger with his Ice Cream Bike in Munich, Germany

We have the high-end hotel showing its esteemed guests the true feeling of innovative and sustainable premium travel in their stylish bar.

Hilton Frankfurt City Center’s Cooking Bike

We have a city wishing to attract more visitors and servicing them better during their stay.

Potsdam Tourismus with their Promo Bike

We have a world-renowned company promoting its products on the streets.

Promotion Bikes used by Danish toy manufacturer LEGO
Yes You Can

Each and every one of these clients succeeded with their idea.

And so will YOU!

Photo by Etty Fidele on Unsplash
paul&ernst Is Accessible

While we do agree that a unique design and high-quality materials have to come at a certain price, there is something for everyone in the paul&ernst portfolio. We offer:

  • bikes for the truly mobile minds,
  • trailers for the one’s wanting to tip their toes into the paul&ernst ocean,
  • pushcarts for businesses operating in a smaller radius to their shops.
Let Us Spell It Out For You Once More

You, too, can be partof the paul&ernst family. You don’t need to be particularly fancy, have tons of businss accumen or a groundbreaking idea. paul&ernst products can be found everywhere and owned by anyone.

At paul&ernst, it’s the size of your imagination that truly matters. We’ll cheer you on throughout your ride!

Paul Kogelnig, Co-Founder and CEO of paul&ernst

Start Planning NOW!

Visit our showroom in Wattens, Austria.

Get in touch with our Sales Department.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you soon!

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