Innovations: Beer Bike

Remember the feeling of relief you experienced on New Year’s Eve 2020? Everything was going to be better in 2021. You were going to go out, live your best life and enjoy small, everyday pleasures once again.

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Surprise, Surprise

With April already upon us, it might be time to admit that things are not opening up as quickly as we had hoped. Most places are still off-limits, particularly when it comes to restaurants and bars.

We’re not going to lie. For most of us at paul&ernst the thought of a cool, frothy beer to celebrate the end of yet another Zoom-filled work week was starting to turn into a burning feeling in the back of our minds.

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Having successfully developed ice cream and food bike solutions, we kept on asking ourselves: “Why not create our own mobile bar and satisfy our cravings for an adult malted beverage?”

Lucky for us we are a hugely talented bunch comprising master carpenters, award-winning product designers and bad-ass graphic artists. And do you know what happens when such creative minds get together?

Yes, you guessed it right – MAGIC HAPPENS!

From Idea To Development

Within a few weeks, we came up with a few simple, yet ingenious ways to use the standard paul&ernst frame and outfit it with beer-specific equipment.

For example, we knew we wanted to be able to store beer kegs directly in our bike, thus ensuring a sleek design undisturbed by surrounding clutter. Moreover, being able to operate the bike self-sufficiently was of great importance to us too.

Once the main ideas for our very own paul&ernst Beer Bike were outlined we got in touch with our good friends at Schankservice Peer, who readily helped us perfect the bike’s technical intricacies.

We Proudly Present – The paul&ernst Beer Bike

Today – after months of hard work – we are happy to share with you our boozy baby:

Look at this beauty!

What Makes The paul&ernst Beer Bike Truly Special?

As mentioned above, the beer bike runs on the same foundational principles as all paul&ernst bikes:

Its batteries allow for self-sufficient operations for up to 6 hours, meaning that you won’t need a direct power connection to pour your pints. As a consequence, you are easily able to set up your beer bike in a park, outside your business or at an event venue of your choice.

paul&ernst employees happy once again

One of the most important features, however, is the innovative, dual-circuit cooling system we devised. This ingenious mechanism ensures that both the beer inside the beer line as well as the dispensing tower itself are kept at temperatures ideal for serving beer.

Peek inside the paul&ernst Beer Bike

Here are some other unique features:

  • storage space for 2x 30 liter kegs
  • easy access and refilling through a side door
  • clever rail fastening system for kegs, CO2 bottle & cleaning supplies
  • integrated glass rinser
  • removable dispensing tower


You own a restaurant, brewery or catering business and would like to serve your guests in a more mobile manner? You are just starting out and think the paul&ernst Beer Bike would elevate your business venture?

Get in touch with the paul&ernst sales agents today and be among the Beer Bike pioneers!

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