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Creativity and personal relationships are what we value above all else at paul&ernst. So when a young, likable entrepreneur from Germany approached us with a truly unique idea for a paul&ernst bike we did not hesitate to join the party. In fact, we dove in head first and made things happen.

This lack of hesitation when it comes to considering and embracing innovative ideas is truly one of the most oustanding features of our HQ in Wattens, Austria. It is made possible by the fact that we are constantly in flux (we cannot confirm or deny this, however) that in turn allows us to take on any challenge on a whim.

The paul&ernst team in Austria

Because of short lines of communication we are able to pull technicians, creatives and even the owners of the company into ad-hoc meetings and are then able to make decisions extremely fast. That’s exactly what we did for this new venture.

Deliciousness Unrolled

Have you ever heard of Thai ice cream rolls? Up until a few short years ago, neither had Mo Shanneik. The nightmarkets in and around Bangkok have always been known for innovative, sometimes crazy, but always delicious food. And that is exactly, where he experienced the below awesomeness for the very first time.

Photo by timokefoto on Pixabay

Now how is this particularly attractive ice cream that incidentally also tastes great actually produced? Check the below video for more information:


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There is nothing better than seeing an ice cream professional work not one, but two spatulas. The chopping, spreading and scraping, the whole astonishing process, is best witnessed live. What makes this kind of ice cream so unique is that – besides its intriguing form – you typically get to enjoy a custom flavor by choosing your own toppings, fruit and sauces incorporated into the ice cream.

There is something for anyone here!

A New Idea Takes Hold

Back home in Germany, Mo plotted and planned and finally come up with the idea for his own company Chop&Roll. Devised as a full service agency offering expertise in business controlling and management, they now offer a comprehensive franchising system to their partners.

Check the below video to get an even closer look at the company and its mission:


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Meeting Customers Elsewhere

Typically, ice cream rolls are made and subsequently sold in brick-and-mortar stores. With the 2020 pandemic stretching well into 2021 and possibly even beyond, businesses have had a pressing need to adapt their business practices and to do so fast.

Now that customers are more often found outdoors than inside actual shops, Mo and his team at Chop&Roll asked themselves:

Why not offer our Thai ice cream rolls on the fly?

How We Made It Happen

The development team at paul&ernst quickly identified a bike model that would fit all requirements to make Thai ice cream rolls. We took our trusted Cooking Bike Pro I model which boasts a 75 liter fridge and enough space for one cooking appliance and turned it into a cold plate bike.

As shown above, a cold plate system is essential for creating Thai ice cream rolls. Mo sourced his favorite brand for us, we made sure it fit perfectly into the bike’s body:

The Chop&Roll Bike in action

So far, paul&ernst have delivered three Chop&Roll bikes but – as cliche as it may sound – with Chop&Roll the sky is the limit for us. Just like Mo Shenneik, we see lots of potential in this business, particularly the option to work for them as a franchisee.

Get Chopping Today

Get in touch with the Chop&Roll team:

Get in touch with the paul&ernst Sales Team:

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