Easi Like Sunday Morning

Let’s face it – if there was one clear winner during the 2020 pandemic, it was delivery services.

Photo by Pete Walls on Unsplash

While in some countries (think Asian Tigers in particular) home-delivery of all sorts of (heavy) goods and services were seen as a completely common occurance, most of Europe was relatively virgin territory when it came to seamless delivery solutions (No, your standard pizza delivery for Saturday game night does not count!).

easi.delivery makes waves

Having noticed the lack of and demand for precisely such reliable services in their home town of Zug and its surroundings, the Swiss start-up easi.delivery set out to radically change the local delivery landscape.

The idea was simple.

Customers would be able to order fresh drinks, artisanal ice cream or delicious snacks using a simple, intuitive app. The mobile solution would allow them to locate a nearby bike and choose their next (legal) fix. Eyecatching blue beachflags would further visually indicate where these bikes were stationed and raise customer awareness at the same time.

paul&ernst bikes deliver

All in all, the idea behind easi.delivery was a great concept for a beautiful city. BUT, how to actually go about delivering goodies in a timely manner?

It soon become apparent that a whole fleet of bikes was needed that would fit the following requirements:

  • Keep goods perfectly cooled
  • Offer easy handling to riders
  • Be sustainable throughout

This is where the one-of-a-kind paul&ernst expertise came into play. After weeks of intense discussions, the perfect easi.bike was created with the paul&ernst Beverage Bike model serving as a stepping stone.

Why the paul&ernst Beverage bike you might ask?

The advantages of this particular model are clear: Outfitted with an impressive 240 liter fridge accessible via 3 separate lids, it boasts an additional bottle cooler on top of the work surface for easy presentation and storage of bottles, snacks and fruit.

Small Adjustments, Big Changes

Looking at the easi.delivery bike above, however, you will quickly notice that the iconic paul&ernst flap is not included.

The easi.delivery team decided to forgoe the additional 130 cm of work surface for even quicker turnarournd service and access to their bike’s large fridge. This also allows them to keep the bottle cooler stocked with goods at all times and for everyone to see.

easi Peasy, Lemon Squeezy

Ready to experience the awesomeness of easi.delivery yourself? Download the app and get started today.

Follow these easi steps and you are all set:

  • Download the easi.delivery app
  • Choose an easi.bike
  • Send your order
  • Enjoy

Also, make sure to follow them on Instagram to stay informed about their constantly expanding services.

Learn More!

Want to learn more about the paul&ernst bikes? Come visit us in Wattens, Austria or pay us a virtual visit.

Ready to start planning your own paul&ernst bike? Get in touch with our Sales Team today!

All images kindly provided by easi.delivery, taken by AVP Media-Design.

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