Bike Details

  • Engine: Power (W): 500 watts
  • Drive: hub motor on the rear wheel
  • Circuit: Shimano SIS
  • Brakes: hydraulic disc brakes front (disc diameter 200mm)
  • Weight: bike without body: about 65kg

Total weight without payload, depending on the model between 120 kg and 140 kg.

The range depends on a number of factors and varies depending on the size of the battery pack, state of charge, connected consumers such as the refrigerator, total weight, routing (gradients) and last but not least, the pedal support of the driver has an influence on the range! With fully charged large battery pack you could theoretically cover up to 150km per day, but please note that the bike is not designed for long distances and steep climbs.

We produce in Austria, more specifically in Wattens-Tyrol. We have our own production facility. With our vendor parts, we pay attention to reliability and quality. We prefer local and especially medium sized, non-stock-listed companies.

Our battery packs are custom made for us in Germany. In the case of rechargeable batteries, emphasis is placed on quality and conscientious processing. Only Panasonic lithium ion cells are installed (AAA Quality).

General questions on the paul&ernst food bikes

All installed components are designed for mobile street sales. The materials used are fire-retardant to meet the requirements of indoor facilities such as shopping malls.

There are no limits for our bikes. Our customers are surprising us with an ever greater variety of possible applications. paul & ernst bikes are used, for example, on cruise ships, golf courses and luxury shopping malls.

The bike has a compressor cooling with 24V power unit, max. 300 watts, continuously adjustable from + 6° to -20°.

All models have storage space in the large flap. Depending on the model, there is also additional storage space in the main body. With the Front Door position it is directly accessible from the front and not just via the lids in the work surface.

Yes, if you choose “cash register ready” we can install a battery-powered WiFi

router which powers receipt printer and tablet. (24v and 2 x 5V USB)

In our production in Wattens, Tyrol, we are always available for visits, detailed arrangements and tests.

Branding / Finishing

Yes, an individual branding is possible for both the parasol and the entire outer skin of the bike. However, complex graphics or photo motifs are only possible in the foiled version. Alternatively, we offer a durable uni-multi-layer high gloss car paint (RAL or NCS color space possible).

The aluminium  honeycomb panels are painted silver gray.

Our sales team is happy to provide various customer pictures of foiled bikes with different designs. We also support you in the design of your individual paul&ernst bike.


The regular delivery time is 6 – 8 weeks after order confirmation, but this may vary seasonally.

The order confirmation is the account receipt of the required deposit of 50% of the purchase price.

Yes, in the whole EU including Switzerland.

We sell ex works. We are happy to organize the delivery with our partners for you.

Prices for shipping can be viewed in our cost overview, exact daily prices are requested from the transport company and charged to the customer.


All our logistics partners deliver exclusively with insurance.

We offer one year warranty on the bike and two years warranty on the battery.