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Are you aware of the annually designated Pantone Color of the Year?

Every year a – usually single – color is selected to represent the zeitgeist and general mood for the year ahead.

While 2020 saw a calming shade of azure – Classic Blue – in 2021 we are excited about the following color combination:

Source: https://www.pantone.com/digital-wallpaper

How do you like the paul&ernst interpretation of the Pantone colors 2021?

paul&ernst still life

Why was this color chosen for 2021? As Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director Pantone put it best in a statement:

Practical and rock solid but at the same time warming and optimistic, this is a color combination that gives us resilience and hope.

Design Your Bike

We at paul&ernst couldn’t agree more with the notion of finding resilience through color and design. Reliable, flexible solutions are exactly what we all need after a year of turmoil behind us and much uncertainty ahead.

When it comes to our bikes’ design it’s all about telling a story through colors and eyecatching details, a satisfying design with logos clients can’t seem to forget.

Read here a short overview of the design packages offered to draw more attention to your bike while out and about.

Car Paint

This is our simplest option. By covering the bike’s body in durable car paint in a color of your choosing you are able to make a simple yet elegant statement. Pair it with a colorful parasol and you will see clients flocking to your bike.

Colors used for the car paint are RAL Classic or NCS. We offer both matte and shiny finishes for the color of your choice.

RAL Classic Colors

Branding Pro

Our second branding package allows for a further step up in terms of design. You will firstly have the choice between car paint as explained above or a full body film for your bike. The latter is typically used for intricate patterns and motives that need to be printed on a continuous film.

If you have opted for the car paint, you will then be able to add 2-3 cutout logos to your bike’s body. Where exactly you place them is entirely up to you.

Branding Pro Plus

The Branding Pro Plus design package is our most adavanced design package, allowing you to customize your bike’s looks as extensively and intricately as you desire. There isn’t a design our talented graphic designers can’t tackle.

paul&ernst – Graphic And Design Support

You aren’t sure how to best design your bikes? Let us help you with that!

We offer a comprehensive range of graphic and design support packages to help you and your bike shine. Get in touch for a detailed price list!

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